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@Whitby Contemporary Art 22/8/2021, #beachhutsundays, curated by Sabina Müller

REGATTA is a visual musical adaptation of Rossini's classical piece La Regata Veneziana, arranged for soprano and large instruments, to be performed in a beach hut.

We staged and recorded a first draft of the performance, with local musicians at Whitby Beach (seawall).

@Schaufenster Berlin 2015, Mai im Januar, curated by Salome Ghazanfari and Uwe Henneken


Title of artwork:



Performance of 'Allerseelen' by R.Strauss

Soprano, piano accompaniment

Clay, Modelling Stand

Dimensions variable

@Salon Exhibition 16/03/2019,The Ides of March, curated Alex lawler and Marita Fraser


Title of artwork:
Goethe or 'Ein rosenfarbnes Frühlingswetter umgab das liebliche Gesicht' ('A rose-coloured springweather surrounded the lovely face')
Performance of "Warum hast du mich wachgeküsst"("Why did you kiss me awake") from Friederike by F.Léhar
Soprano, piano accompaniment, aluminium ladder, prepped men's coat, umbrella, (tailor’s chalk, fabric sheers)
Dimensions variable

@Salon Kennedy Frankfurt/Museumsuferfest (31.8.2014), a public sculptural intervention by F.Oehmann "Big smile and a wall for Frankfurt", including invited artists and guests for symposium in the environment of the sculpture.


Jessie and Bessie, 2014
Performance of „Alabama Song“ from „Mahagonny“(K.Weill),
Soprano and piano accompaniment, clay, mirror, scores

dimensions variable

@Mayor's Parlour Gallery ("This Landscape")A One Night Stand curated by Della Gooden 10/10/2014

One_Night_Stand_Veronika Rettich.jpg

Performance of 'Adieu, notre petite table' by J.Massenet


Soprano, piano accompaniment

Curtain of chains (AH)

Dimensions Variable

@Hidde van Seggelen gallery London, Minds Meet, Part of Tom Benson's Mind Rhymes 01/10/2013


Performance of "The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors: Erratum Musical" by M.Duchamp 1913, a realisation for voice, with A.Usher

@Cabaret Melancholique London, 14.12.12


Pamina's Mirror, 2012

Performance of „Ach ich fühl's“ from Die Zauberflöte by W.A.Mozart

Soprano, flourescent perspex mirror, torch, stage
dimensions variable


@DNA gallery Berlin, Stressing spiritual needs when selling ice cream, curated by Salome Ghazanfari


Pfütze, 2011
Performance of „Prolog“ from Die sieben Todsünden by K.Weill
Soprano and piano accompaniment Mirror, Aluminium varnished, chain Dimensions variable

@Salon Middleton Rd Make Me a Door Right Here! 01/06/2013 curated by Emi Avora and Veronika Rettich


Da schreibt meine Schwester Ida, 2013

Performance of Adele's entry from Die Fledermaus by J.Strauss)

Soprano and recorded accompaniment

Adele's table (Plywood), black tape, (scissors)

dimensions variable

@Studiochange Hackney Hello and Goodbye, curated by Emi Avora and Hannah Hewetson


Mein Herr Marquis, 2012
Performance of „Laughing Song“ from „Die Fledermaus“(J.Strauss)

Soprano and piano accompaniment, Mirror, Clay
dimensions variable

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